Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club

Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club
Autumn is with us and the Covid pandemic seems to be fading.  Your committee met face to face for the first time since early 2020 in a very comfortable room within the Regal complex, Ebrington Street, Kingsbridge.  They decided that future club evenings and committee meetings would be held there.  The first members’ evening will therefore be in the Regal Club on October 20th, 1900 for 1930, and you will be greeted with some tasty nibbles and a drink.  The room is big enough to give plenty of space between members, face coverings should be worn while moving around and they may be removed once seated. We have a speaker, Dave Halsall, a KEBC member, proprietor of Singing Paddles and a National Coastwatch officer.  Dave has been involved with the KEBC/South Pool Boating Club initiative to introduce primary school  children to the joys of boating. 

Enter the meeting room from under the arch, the door next to the stairs.  The bar is at the top of the stairs on the right but they will deliver to tables via an app and your smart phone. The lift opposite the entrance doors will also take you up, keep the button depressed until the lift reaches its destination.  It would help greatly if you emailed your acceptance of this invitation to

Other subjects discussed at our committee meeting included Linda Lee’s report on the school children’s introduction to boating.  KEBC contributed £400 to the costs of the scheme and over 100 primary children were taken afloat in canoes.  Linda was congratulated and thanked. 

Membership numbers continue to rise slowly with 192 family memberships at the latest count, five of them joining within the last month.

The question of whether a new Boatwatch Coordinator is needed came under review.  While the scheme is capable of running itself without intervention, we do need a central figure to liaise between the teams, Salcombe Harbour, the Police, KEBC committee and new volunteers. Consequently we repeat our plea for a volunteer with a little spare time to become our Boatwatch Coordinator, a rewarding post. 

I look forward to seeing you all in the flesh again, put October 20th in your diary. 

Tony Watson