Twenty six members enjoyed a beautiful Estuary Cruise on the Lady Mary last Thursday evening.  The weather was perfect, there was enough room for us to be Covid secure and the ‘new’ ferry is a perfect boat for our waters.  Thanks to Linda Lee for the organisation and to the ferry skipper for a comprehensive cruise of the harbour, Frogmore and South Pool creeks. 

Your committee met by Zoom on the preceding Wednesday evening.  Again we had little to discuss as Covid is still restricting our activities.  We agreed to book Christmas Dinner at the Cottage Hotel for December 9th., put that in your diary and we will circulate details nearer the date, Covid permitting. 

Membership numbers are slowly rising, thanks to all you new and loyal members for sticking with us in these awkward times.  Boatwatch continues and plans to hold a get together for existing and new participants are on hold until we reach a time when such events are made possible again.  On the water there have been a few alcohol related rowdy problems. SHA have reported that, in conjunction with the Police and Coastguard, particular craft and helms have been stopped, reported, logged by the police and interviewed.  The results of which have led to particular persons not having access to their craft, other boats being removed from the water and particular situations being run past SHA’s legal team. Salcombe Harbour office have thanked us for our vigilance around the harbour including pontoon checks and reports.  

Nigel Mortimer, AONB Officer has given us this link which takes you to a report on an electric boating workshop.  The whole thing is about 3 hours long but there is some interesting  information there.  He also reports on the red tides (algal blooms) that we are experiencing at the moment.  They are not dangerous to humans.  This time. 

Our Treasurer, Alan Purchase, has given up boating and his membership of the Club with it.  Consequently we are looking for a new Treasurer to take over at the end of this year.  It is not an onerous job and the auditor has agreed to continue in his post.  Any potential volunteers please get in touch with me and we can talk about it.  The Committee thanks Alan for his years of unfailing service, we are sorry to lose you. 

The committee will meet again in early November.  We are unable to hold any of our usual autumn events indoors at the moment and we can only hope for an early conquering of the virus.  In the meantime please look after yoursleves and we will meet again.  Sometime. 

Tony Watson