Club Newsletters

I am sorry to start this message with the sad news of the death of Richard Benton, our Boatwatch coordinator.  We extend our condolences to Adrienne and all his family.  Richard will be missed throughout the Kingsbridge community as he did not confine his efforts only to this club.  His work on the Boatwatch scheme has been exemplary, and he will be a hard act to follow.

Our secretary, John Elliott, will be leaving Kingsbridge next month to return to the Midlands for family reasons.  John has been an excellent secretary to your committee and would like to hand over to a replacement before he leaves. 

Consequently we now have a need for two new committee members, one to take over Richard’s work with Boatwatch and one to become secretary.  We really need volunteers from among you, the membership; please get in touch just to talk over the responsibilities and discuss possibilities. 

Since my last letter we have had a very interesting evening with Asia Pajkowska, solo round-the-world non-stop yachtswoman.  Asia’s description of her trip displayed her mastery of the understatement – when asked to describe the worst moment of the trip she couldn’t think of one.  Only a couple of minutes earlier she had described losing her electronic self-steering system, having to manually steer for around fifteen hours until the storm force winds dropped to a mere gale and engaging her Aries wind vane system.  This involved working outside the rail, over the stern and assembling intricate parts to put the vane in action.  At the other end of the scale the best part of the trip was sailing in calmer waters in the company of albatrosses, whales and dolphins.  Asia kept her audience totally engaged for a couple of hours, including questions.

Our next event is our post lockdown lunch at Salcombe Yacht Club on Thursday May 20th.  SYC has shown an interest in cooperating with KEBC and we will be exploring possibilities.  The lunch is a first step; it will be interesting to see where this leads us and your committee will be happy to hear any comments members might have. 

Stop Press!  Your events organiser, Linda Lee, has just released the following:

SATURDAY 26th JUNE leaving The STEAMER QUAY Kingsbridge at 6.30pm

(no boarding before 6.15pm)

£18.00 a head
to include a Pasty and Estuary Cruise

Please bring your own tipple!

Limited numbers so MEMBERS ONLY until THURSDAY 10th JUNE
after that date if any spaces NON MEMBER friends would be welcome

Tickets on Sale from MONDAY 24th MAY 
from  Linda Lee, The Barn, Coronet Place, Fore Street, Kingsbridge TQ7 1PT

Please enclose
1. Cheque payable to KEBC 
2. Choice of Vegetarian/Meat Pasty           
3. Stamped Addressed Envelope – tickets will then be sent

Thank you Linda. I look forward to seeing members face to face on Thursday and afloat in June. 

Tony Watson.

Asia (Joanna) Pajkowska, an old friend of mine, completed a solo, non stop, circumnavigation under sail between September 2018 and April 2019 and will be giving an illustrated talk on her experiences at 1930 on April 14th.  This will be on Zoom and invitations will be sent to all members nearer the date.  She worked in Salcombe for many years but will be talking from her home in Poland and will be well worth listening to. Go to or for more details of this amazing sailor.

Asia’s return to Plymouth

As we move into May and June we expect Covid restrictions to be further reduced so that we will be able to hold social gatherings out of doors.  As we can’t, at this stage, be really certain about this I can’t predict which events will take place, but mark May 19th and June 25th in your calendars. 

Boatwatch patrols have started and there will shortly be updated guidance notes and a calendar on the web site.  I did the first one on my bike yesterday lunchtime, nothing much going on – it was cold but youngsters were swimming at Bowcombe!!

Talking of the website, we have done some housework and tidied up some loose ends.  Members Advertisements are much easier to find: there are some bargains there – do please have a look.

The following is an invitation to members to enter the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit, Sail for St Luke’s event, which will be held on Saturday 24th July 2021. This is an incredibly prestigious event with prizes for local charities totalling £30,000 plus any sponsorship donations organised by the entrants. Registration is now open and continues to 19th July. Full details can be found on: and   

Salcombe Harbour Authority continues to keep its website updated with Covid restrictions as they apply to Harbour users.  Please check on current conditions, using the link on the KEBC website before going afloat.  Unfortunately this virus hasn’t completely gone away yet, hopefully some sort of normality will return before the autumn, allowing us to meet in person again.

I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

Tony Watson

Hello all, mad March gales are here with a vengeance and I hope you are all still keeping warm in front of the fire.

Your committee met on March 10th when we welcomed another volunteer willing to be coopted.  Ben Harris joined us and so, with the addition of Rosemary Speed who joined at the AGM, we are up to full strength. 

Our treasurer had little to report, likewise our member responsible for charitable events has started this year very quietly.  Boatwatch however has kept Richard busy with the placement of some new volunteers and the replacement of some long serving members taking a well earned rest.  The Boatwatch calendar for 2021 is virtually completed and watch leaders have received their patrol dates.  There was some discussion about the safety of Boatwatch members when on patrol.  Richard will make reference to this in his instructions but I can’t emphasise enough that KEBC members, when out on Boatwatch, should always put their own personal safety above all else.  A boat in danger of harm is an inanimate object that can be replaced, you are not. 

After losing a few members at the end of 2020, numbers have started to rise, at present we have 175 paid up family memberships.  Penny Masters has now taken over responsibility for membership from Piers Rogers who has now settled in as Treasurer.

We are about to do some tidying up housework to our web site.  In general it has worked well over the last 12 months but some small changes will hopefully improve matters.  The members’ adverts have been well received, insider information tells me that a very good Plymouth Pilot might be appearing soon, charts and clothing are already for sale, so keep your eye on this column.

On March 24th at 1930 we have another Zoom event.  Roger Barrett is to give us a talk entitled  ‘The US Navy in Salcombe 1943 – 1945’.  Not to be missed.  Again Zoom will  be used on April 21st, speaker to be announced but I am hopeful that another ‘local’ hero will step up.  The events calendar on the web site will be kept up to date as we start to organise outdoor events from May onwards.  Watch this space. Covid and weather permitting this is going to be a good year. 

Talking about the pandemic, and I am afraid we must, Salcombe Harbour Authority,, has published its latest guidelines on its web site.  Please check before indulging in any boating activities until the emegency is over.

For now then, keep warm and get ready for a year which might see us returning to something like ‘normal’.  Of course it might not, but your committee will do their best to keep nautical events high on your calendar.

Tony Watson


A brief report on the Zoom AGM meeting on Feb 10th.  Full details to follow later with the minutes.

28 members attended the 2021 AGM, only a couple more than the numbers required to form a quorum. Well done and thank you all very much for keeping our decisions legal.  We only made a few, the first to confirm that I will remain your chair, Nigel Green Vice Chair and liaison with Salcombe Harbour Authority, John Elliott Secretary and that Piers Rogers has become Treasurer.  The Committee now comprises those officers plus Richard Benton Coastwatch coordinator, Linda Lee events and charities, Norman Hore events, Peter Rendell members adverts on the web site, Penny Masters membership secretary and one new member, Rosemary Speed, who will be our liaison with the Estuary Conservation Forum.  Give me a couple of days to get the web site updated. 

There were no questions on the Treasurers report.  As a result of increasing overheads, mostly insurance, we discussed increasing the annual subscription.  Members present pointed out that the sub hasn’t been changed for 13years and was now lagging behind the costs.  It was also mentioned that the shops and services that offer members discounts allowed all of us to reclaim our membership fees very easily.  It was unanimously agreed to increase the annual sub to £15 pa from January 1st. 2002. 

The AGM closed after about 20 minutes and a short discussion on Boatwatch followed. Encouragingly, we have ten or a dozen new Boatwatch volunteers signed up for the coming season starting in April. So we will be able to replace those who have retired having done their share over past years and maintain our watch on the Estuary in support of the Harbour Office and the Police

Next Assistant Harbour Master, Phil Goodhead gave us a run down on how the Authority has dealt with Covid, kept its winter mooring maintenance programme on course and planned the dredging of approach channels in March.  He took questions on many aspects of the Harbour’s work.  He was thanked sincerely for his attention to members’ concerns and in the user friendly way the harbour is now being run. 

The meeting closed with a short discussion of future events.  The next Zoom event will be on March 24th. when Roger Barrett from Salcombe Maritime Museum will give an illustrated talk about the American Navy in the harbour during WW2.  This is a one week change of date due to other commitments.

I hope all members woke up to large and ornate Valentines Day cards this morning along with the compulsory chocolates and flowers.

Hope to see lots of you on March 24th.  It promises to be very interesting.

Tony Watson. 


Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club
[The Club]
Notice is hereby given that the 15th Annual General Meeting of the Club will take place via the “Zoom” video conferencing platform, at 19.30 on 10th February 2021.
The Agenda will be circulated not later than 2nd February 2021.
Any member wishing to nominate an Officer or Committee member for 2021/2022 should do so on the nomination form set out below, and ensure the form reaches the Secretary duly completed and signed by all parties before 27th January 2021.
Any Member wishing to move business at the Meeting shall give notice of the proposed business to the Secretary before 27th January 2021.
The Secretary’s address for service for these purposes is:
(a) and/or
(b) 41, Kenwith Drive, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1DU.
Dated 9th January 2021
John Elliott
Hon Sec.

It has taken me a week to overcome the euphoria felt after the hugely succesful wine tasting evening last Wednesday.  Admittedly attendance was  not high but, for a Zoom meeting, the enthusiastic crowd were easy to manage, discipline was good and we all learnt a lot.  A repeat, by popular demand, will take place in the New Year.

Next on the agenda is a quiz, compiled and compered by Norman Hore on  Wednesday January 20th on Zoom at 1930.  Details from Norman as follows:-

In January there will be a non-technical, nautical quiz to help to bring our brains back to matters maritime. No special knowledge of the mechanics of boating is required, just a knowledge of geography, history, nature and a few other diverse subjects. The quiz will be held on Zoom and we will be happy to organise a training session in advance for anybody who would like to do the quiz but is not yet confident with Zoom on the computer. It is likely that conference calls will, increasingly, become a fixture in the future, so if you have not yet had the opportunity to become familiar with the technology, this will be a good opportunity to do so.

I will open the doors at 1900 to give you time to settle down, I will close the doors when I think the room is full so be early.  The Zoom invitation will follow closer to the date.  Jan. 20th also happens to be my birthday, I would have bought you all a drink in the 7 Stars, unhappily this won’t be possible this year.

An up to date calendar of events for 2021, as far as we are able to predict at the moment, will be displayed on the Club web site.  Have a Merry Christmas, while sticking to the rules, so that the New Year will be Happy with falling numbers of Covid  infections.

All the best,

Tony Watson