Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club courses for 2020

KEBC offers its members (and non-members) some very competitively priced and well proven courses to help you improve and update your knowledge. Whether you are new to the Club, new to boating or just need a refresher we hope you’ll find just the course for you in the list overleaf.

All the courses are run by Andy Thomson, usually at Stokenham, and his courses have always been very highly rated by KEBC members. The VHF Short Range Certificate course is the full RYA course. All the others were developed for KEBC and do not lead to RYA certificates.

Andy runs the Devon School of Navigation ( It is an RYA Training Centre and he teaches RYA Day Skipper , RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore, Yachtmaster Ocean, Radar and VHF. KEBC members benefit from a discount.

He is always interested in ideas for additional courses and one obvious possibility would be a ½ day on electronic chartplotters and their correct and safe usage.

You’ll find more about the KEBC courses overleaf. If you are interested, or want more information, contact Andy at ‘’ or by phone – 01548 581288. 


Mobile phones are better than nothing in an emergency at sea. VHF radio is far better, especially outside Salcombe Harbour, provided, of course, that you and your crew know how to use it.

Short Range Certificate

You need the RYA Short Range Certificate to use a marine VHF radio legally. For KEBC I normally teach it as a two-half day classroom course together with some pre-reading. The assessment is run as a separate session. For most people this approach is far better than trying to cram the course and exam into one very long day.

  • Duration: Three half days
  • Cost per person: £55
    • The RYA student pack is required and costs £10.50. The RYA charge £60 for the exam and certificate.

VHF Workshop

If you hold the VHF Short Range Certificate but rarely, if ever, use your boat’s radio then you are not alone. Would it also be a good idea for your crew to be able to use your boat’s radio? Here’s the chance to bring yourself up to date and give your crew some training whilst using real radios. It could save your life!

  • Duration: One half day
  • Cost per person: £25

Know your local waters

Work with real local charts and tidal information to understand more about navigating in our local waters both inside and outside Salcombe Harbour. Plan a passage to Dartmouth and back. The price includes the loan of charts and navigating instruments.

  • Duration: Two half days
  • Cost per person: £50

How good are your safety procedures?

Would you or your crew know what to do in an emergency? Here’s an opportunity to think about some of the issues, the appropriate equipment to carry on board and the procedures you would use. All the best skippers have contingency plans in mind to help them cope if the worst were to happen. Do you?!

  • Duration: One half day
  • Cost per person: £25



  • Course duration, location and dates. A ‘half day’ is roughly three hours teaching plus time for a coffee break). We’ve assumed morning sessions (09:30 to 13:00). If you want a course on a different date or in the afternoon or evening please ask. All courses will be run in the John Wesley room at the Stokenham Village Hall. It has proven to be ideal for our purposes and has good free parking.
  • Prices are those for winter 2019/20 and will be finalised for 2020/21 when the proposed course schedule is published. Sadly, we may have to pass on any external price increases (e.g. hall costs or RYA charges) imposed on us.
  • Minimum attendance to make a course viable is two people. It is perfectly possible to run some of the courses for one person but the charge will be as though there are two people.