• Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club, South Devon

  • Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club, South Devon

  • Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club, South Devon

Welcome to Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club

We are a family friendly club run for the benefit of users of the Kingsbridge Estuary whose interests range from dayboats to canoes and SUPs, from sailing boats to RIBs, from bird-watching to fishing, with the aim of bringing together all members of the boating community. The Club is keen to involve and represent the widest possible spectrum of water users. It is recognised as a consultee by Salcombe Harbour Authority.


All Club meetings and indoor events are, for conformation with Covid requirements, presently confined to electronic means.

Please refer to our Calendar and our regular email Newsletters, as well as the general News section of this site for more details.


Prawle Point National Coastwatch

Salcombe Harbour Authority

Kingsbridge Information Centre

Met Office Inshore Waters Forecast


Although official advice on how to treat the Covid threat seems to be ‘use your common sense’ many places have their own rules. It pays to keep an eye on the Salcombe Harbour Board web site for advice on behaviour within the

Some sort of normality is returning within the hospitality industry. As the Seven Stars no longer has a function room, KEBC winter activities will take place within the Regal complex. Full details will appear in newsletters and on the calendar. The first meeting will be on October 20 th, and, to celebrate the return to face to face meetings, will include a few tasty snacks and a drink. Arrive at 1900 for 1930.

The last month of the Boatwatch season is approaching, the teams have carried out their duties admirably and deserve our thanks. We need a new Boatwatch coordinator but my pleas for a volunteer to take on the role seem to be falling on deaf ears. The job is not onerous but needs somebody to act as the central point of reference for team leaders, the committee, Salcombe Harbour Authority, the police and new volunteers. If you have a few spare
hours in your year, please contact me and we can discuss the options.

Tony Watson. 07831 692652


Membership is open to all. Please complete the Membership form on this site. Family membership covers up to two parents plus all children under 18 resident at an address so please provide all relevant details. The membership only confers a single vote at General Meetings. The membership year mirrors the calendar year.

As the Club has no premises and is run entirely by an unpaid volunteer committee the membership subscription is very low-£10 a year until the end of 2021 at least. As a result, and to avoid complexity, there is no apportionment of the subscription if you join part way through the membership year.


Contact details for officers and committee members can be found on this site. Please contact the appropriate person (or if in doubt the Secretary) with any queries you may have. In the same way, if you have any positive suggestions for improvements to our programme or activities please offer them to us.


 As we have no premises this site is our main source of contact with our members, our “Clubhouse”, and we hope you can locate all the information you require using the Menu at the head of this page. You will find links to club information like our Constitution, retailers offering membership benefits, club branded clothing, as well as to a variety of other organisations.

Latest News & Events

RNLI’S 150TH Anniversary Celebration

The RNLI in Salcombe and Kingsbridge is celebrating their 150th year, saving local lives at sea. In September 1869, the first Salcombe Lifeboat, The Rescue, was launched at Dodbrooke Quay, Kingsbridge and rowed to her new home at South Sands. Since…

KEBC Visit to BRNC 18th September 2019

Some twenty KEBC members were warned by our Chair that we were in for a fairly hard walk. In practice this seemed less arduous than keeping up with and absorbing the huge knowledge imparted by our guide Mike Pearce, whose enthusiasm and experience…

KEBC Club Night with Alice Henderson.

On 16th October the Club’s winter lecture programme featured a fascinating talk by Alice Henderson about her exploration of Patagonia and Antarctica. Clearly addicted to adventurous pursuits from an early age, Alice enthralled her audience…