Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club

Even on the water it is hot.  The sea breeze just about works in the Bag; it brings little relief but enjoy the summer while it lasts. 

Your committee met last week, again using the Zoom platform which I hope we can abandon soon.

Our events organiser, Linda Lee, in conjunction with the South Pool Boat Club, has introduced 122 primary school children to boating so far this year.  Singing Paddles provides the canoes, KEBC conrtibutes £600 to costs, S.Pool provides the balance and Linda does the organising.  This scheme has been running for some years and is something we can be very proud of.  Congratulations once again to Linda. 

Boatwatch has been running well with no serious incidents being reported on  the WhatsApp group.  Richard Benton established an efficient scheme which needs little or no adjustment by whoever volunteers to take over his job as Boatwatch coordinator.  Please consider putting your name forward for this role.  You don’t need to become a committee member, although it would help if you do.  Boatwatch is the core reason for the Club’s existence and is respected by the Harbour Authority and the Police.  In the meantime a big thank you to Peter Rendell for temporarily taking Richard’s place and to the members carrying out patrols.

Much discussion took place about publicity and the autumn programme with constant awareness that Covid hasn’t gone away.  Eventually we decided to put the social programme together, publicise it and cancel if necessary.  Similarly training couses, particularly VHF courses which Andy Thomson expects to be running this autumn, will be organised.  Members wishing to participate in any courses should contact Andy direct via  At present the Seven Stars meeting room is undergoing a refit and we will know whether it will be useable in September. 

The Members Adverts pages  on our web site are full of useful items.  Look there first if you need any kit or have stuff you want to get rid of. 

On a completely different note, we understand that Kingsbridge in Bloom is in need of waterers.  If you can help please contact Piers ( )

I am off to water the garden and actually looking forward to a wet weekend!

Tony Watson