Hello all, mad March gales are here with a vengeance and I hope you are all still keeping warm in front of the fire.

Your committee met on March 10th when we welcomed another volunteer willing to be coopted.  Ben Harris joined us and so, with the addition of Rosemary Speed who joined at the AGM, we are up to full strength. 

Our treasurer had little to report, likewise our member responsible for charitable events has started this year very quietly.  Boatwatch however has kept Richard busy with the placement of some new volunteers and the replacement of some long serving members taking a well earned rest.  The Boatwatch calendar for 2021 is virtually completed and watch leaders have received their patrol dates.  There was some discussion about the safety of Boatwatch members when on patrol.  Richard will make reference to this in his instructions but I can’t emphasise enough that KEBC members, when out on Boatwatch, should always put their own personal safety above all else.  A boat in danger of harm is an inanimate object that can be replaced, you are not. 

After losing a few members at the end of 2020, numbers have started to rise, at present we have 175 paid up family memberships.  Penny Masters has now taken over responsibility for membership from Piers Rogers who has now settled in as Treasurer.

We are about to do some tidying up housework to our web site.  In general it has worked well over the last 12 months but some small changes will hopefully improve matters.  The members’ adverts have been well received, insider information tells me that a very good Plymouth Pilot might be appearing soon, charts and clothing are already for sale, so keep your eye on this column.

On March 24th at 1930 we have another Zoom event.  Roger Barrett is to give us a talk entitled  ‘The US Navy in Salcombe 1943 – 1945’.  Not to be missed.  Again Zoom will  be used on April 21st, speaker to be announced but I am hopeful that another ‘local’ hero will step up.  The events calendar on the web site will be kept up to date as we start to organise outdoor events from May onwards.  Watch this space. Covid and weather permitting this is going to be a good year. 

Talking about the pandemic, and I am afraid we must, Salcombe Harbour Authority, https://www.salcombeharbour.co.uk/, has published its latest guidelines on its web site.  Please check before indulging in any boating activities until the emegency is over.

For now then, keep warm and get ready for a year which might see us returning to something like ‘normal’.  Of course it might not, but your committee will do their best to keep nautical events high on your calendar.

Tony Watson