As the Coronavirus pandemic continues and grows, the Club’s activities remain on hold.  Boatwatch members are not functioning in their normal manner but, as they take their permitted exercise, they do keep an eye on the water and the craft on it.

As many of you will be aware, Salcombe Harbour Authority has banned all craft from the water except those on Harbour duties, the fishermen and the RNLI.  Additionally local authorities, the police, tourist agencies and the local population are asking people who are not permanently resident in the area to stay away and remain in their own main residencies.  People who ignore this are being fined and turned back by the Constabulary  The biggest problem is that our Health Service can only just cope with the resident population, additional patients will result in all of us receiving sub standard services with unpleasant results.  The SHDC leader’s letter can be viewed here >

Consequently, if you are not a Devon resident restrain the urge to come down for Easter, stay at home and let others in your area know they will not be welcomed in the West Country.

Sorry to be a bit negative, but at least the weather has improved which makes life more bearable.  Never has so much gardening, house painting and decorating been done.  There might be light at the end of the tunnel, let’s hope so and look forward to some late summer’s boating and some KEBC social events.

Above all, stay safe.

Tony Watson.