It is not possible to predict when we will be able to resume normal service.  We will keep you informed.

Unfortunately the above statement still applies to us.  Gatherings of people in the open air are still restricted to 6 or less, so we continue to be unable to organise social events.  We will do so as soon as circumstances permit.

In the meantime Boatwatch activities have resumed in full with strict rules about anti virus measures.  The guidance notes for Boatwatch teams will appear on the relevant website page, probably as soon as you receive this newsletter.  The Police have asked members to be particularly vigilant, adding a new dimenstion to our activities.

Normally at this time of year we entertain the Chernobyl children but this has also become a victim of the virus.  To add to their woes we understand that wild fires in their home area are spreading radio active dust and the virus has just arrived.  Their health systems will struggle.  The Committee decided that the  Club’s usual donation of £250 to their charity will be made this year.

On a brighter note, Kingsbridge in Bloom has won a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.  Many of our members are very active gardeners making our town so attractive.  Congratulations to all members of the Kingsbridge in Bloom team.  Go to their web site for more information.

Your committee continues to meet regularly by Zoom, if you have any subjects that you would like us to discuss, please let a committee member know.  

Stay safe,enjoy the sunshine and yesterday’s very welcome rain.

Tony Watson.