It is not possible to predict when we will be able to resume normal service.  We will keep you informed.

In the meantime various organisations in Kingsbridge are developing support systems for residents. 
The Town Council have rolled out their Guardian Angels programme – see their web site for details.  Kingsbridge Food Bank are extending their services to cover homes facing difficulties in addition to their normal service.
Age Concern are offering a ‘Meals on Wheels’ service within Kingsbridge.

We were approached by the Food Bank for financial assistance and your committee voted to donate £200 from KEBC funds.  If individual members would also like to contribute please see the Food Bank flyer at the end of this message.  They are also looking for more volunteers to deliver food.  There would be no personal contact.  Call Gerrie or Paula on the numbers below.

We are aware that Google is still not finding the new web site.  We are working on this but, in the meantime, other search engines are having no trouble and, if you simply enter or click on the link at the top of this newsletter, you will reach our web site and you can always save it to your favourites for future use. Google will catch up. Eventually. In its own time.

Southampton Boat Show has not yet been cancelled, so our request for responses to the possible outing is repeated here.

So for now, stay safe and keep an eye on your neighbours.  Try phoning a couple of friends each day.  Preparing the boat for launching at the end of the month is a form of self isolating, so you have plenty of things to get on with.

Tony Watson, Chairman.


Several members have requested that we look at doing a Club Trip to the Southampton Boat Show in September 2020; the Committee would like to know if there is a sufficient level of support to make it viable.

Monday 14th September leaving Kingsbridge Quay at 7.30am arriving 11.30am on
Tally Ho Coach 32 Seater.

Pickup time from The Boat Show approx 4.00 pm arriving Kingsbridge 8.00pm.

Estimated Cost including entrance to the Boat Show in the region of £50 per person.

To make it happen we would need a commitment of about 30 people and the money would have to be paid as soon as the Coach is booked and the Group Tickets purchased. (32 people would bring the cost down to about £45)
If you are interested please contact 


Kingsbridge Food Bank flyer.

Gerrie  07759 683567 OR  Paula 07746 937514

Citizens of the Kingsbridge Parish Cluster + Kingston, Ringmore, Modbury, Blackawton & Strete

Community Appeal to
Keep Us All Safe

Copy of Mail Just Sent to Kingsbridge Gazette

Check out Gerrie’s plea below, and read the Emergency Plan.

Churches, Parish Councils, the Food Bank Christians, the Food Bank Non Christians and other providers need to hold hands so we can deliver food & pastoral care to the those in our care that are in need of our help over the next few weeks, and beyond.

Gordon Roberts is coordinating with Grandad Roger for the churches as Graham F is away.

Parish Councils are signing up:

Jean Turrell at East Allington did when I called her last night, as Clerk, but she’s even older than me (sorry Jean) so she’s looking for a younger version of herself to take it on.

In second place will come East Portlemouth  I have £5 on it.

Thank you to Kingsbridge Town Council see their website for supporting us with their Guardian Angels scheme join with us by contacting Gerrie or Paula.

If you would like to donate now or regularly:

Kingsbridge Area Food Bank at

Lloyds Bank

77 09 24


Thank you