Bosun's Locker

KEBC Bosun Richard Smith keeps a register of equipment which is available for the use of members. Most of this equipment has been purchased by the Club, but several members have added items to the register that they are prepared to let other members borrow.

Contact Richard on 854300 or email bosun if you wish to borrow any of the following.Please note that it is a member's responsibility to ensure that borrowed items are fit for purpose and that they are competent to use borrowed items safely.

Henry vacuum cleaner
Portable pressure washer
Bilge pump for pumping out dinghies etc (use with power pack below or car's lighter socket)
Portable 240v generator
Security marking kit
Tachostrobe for checking timing on petrol engines
Powerful sea magnet for recovering tools/keys lost overboard
Powerful polisher and polish
Portable 12v Power Pack
Bosch multitool
Portable gas soldering iron/cord cutter
"Hot knife" electric rope and elastic cord cutter
Variety of lifejackets buoyancy aids to suit all sizes
Propellor puller for removing propellor from shaft
Pump to suck out oil from sump of inboard engines
Megamouth portable amplifier/public address system
Powerful worklight
Underwater inspection camera