Boat Watch Essentials

Boatwatch Coordinator’s / Water-watchers.

Essential contact details

It is important that those undertaking Boatwatch all follow a similar protocol when making contact with other organisations.

All of this information is in the public domain and available to any member of the public, especially Boatwatch.

It should be simple!

Whilst we have established a line of contact with the professional security company covering the Estuary, it is not possible for Boatwatch members to make contact directly. If there is an issue of sufficient importance, contact should be made through KEBC.

The new Harbour Master, Adam Parnell is very keen to work with us and recognises the importance of the ‘local’ knowledge members have. We look forward to assisting him monitor the Kingsbridge end of the estuary.

Please remember - it is particularly helpful if a report of suspicious activity or an issue of concern includes the date, the time, a description of those involved plus registration numbers of any vehicle that might be linked. A short video via a mobile phone is particularly welcome.

March 2016

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