From Autumn to Spring (October to April) the Club organises regular indoor meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.

A formal winter programme of talks is arranged. These start promptly at 7.30pm in the Seven Stars Meeting Room. In the summer (May-September) events are less formal and not on any particular day of the month.

KEBC Calendar of Events. Scroll down for other dates of interest to members

Note: We are working on the 2018/2019 Calendar, which will be posted here as soon as we have more details confirmed

KEBC CALENDAR 2018/2019 
Day Date Event Notes
Wed 12-Sep-18 Committee Meet 7 Stars Meeting Room
Wed 19-Sep-18 Indoor Meeting

Joe Farrow - National Aquarium, Plymouth

Wed 10-Oct-18 Committee Meet 7 Stars Meeting Room
Wed 17-Oct-18 Indoor Meeting Mark Dowie – Salcombe RNLI
Wed 7-Nov-18 Committee Meet 7 Stars Meeting Room
Wed 14-Nov-18 Indoor Meeting Richard Benton – Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan for Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow


More Information on the speakers and their subjects

Wednesday, 19th September - Joe Farrow - National Aquarium, Plymouth
Joe is a marine scientist from the National Aquarium who has studied the marine environment of Kingsbridge Estuary. He will speak about the role of the aquarium and about ecology of our area. He will focus on the changes due to invasive species and other factors. He will advise the club about what we, as some of the most frequent users, can do, being the eyes and ears for spotting any changes in the flora or fauna, or in the appearance of any new sea creatures due to climate change and the warming of the oceans.

Wednesday, 17th October - Mark Dowie – Salcombe RNLI
Mark is the Lifeboat Operations Manager for Salcombe RNLI. He is coordinating the events leading up to the 150th anniversary of Salcombe Lifeboat in September 2019. He will speak about how the station is run and what is needed to keep the boats and equipment in tip-top shape. Operational situations permitting, he will be accompanied by one of the crew members who will speak about the selection, training and integration of new volunteers into the sea-going teams. He will also suggest ideas for what we can do as a club to promote and support the festivities as the anniversary approaches.

Wednesday, 14th November - Richard Benton – Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan for Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow
Our very own Richard Benton has taken on the role of Chair of our local Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that the views of as many people as possible are taken into account in the formulation of a practical and deliverable plan. Public consultations are just starting, so we will have an early opportunity to express our views, both as individuals, and as a club, so that the future plan has sufficient input from the boating community. Richard will explain the complete process leading up to a public referendum. Once passed, the plan will influence life in the area for up to twenty years. Therefore, the more members who attend, the better.

Day Date Event
Sat 15-Sep-18 Boat Jumble Newton Abbot