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KEBC Club Night 16th October 2019 with Alice Henderson.

On 16th October the Club’s winter lecture programme featured a fascinating talk by Alice Henderson about her exploration of Patagonia and Antarctica.

Clearly addicted to adventurous pursuits from an early age, Alice enthralled her audience with tales from her recent adventures in the deep South, enriched by a variety of photography.

After “warming up” with a solo exploration of the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, Alice travelled to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego and took passage for some three weeks in the tall ship “Europa” for a voyage to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Passages in and out of the ice were interspersed with treks ashore, enlivened by encounters with a rich variety of wildlife, all brought to vivid life by Alice’s photography.

The variety of questions raised at the close of her enthusiastic presentation was testament to the interest it created.

An excellent evening!

Report by John Elliot

KEBC Visit to BRNC 18th September 2019.

Some twenty KEBC members were warned by our Chair that we were in for a fairly hard walk. In practice this seemed less arduous than keeping up with and absorbing the huge knowledge imparted by our guide Mike Pearce, whose enthusiasm and experience kept us going for nearly two and a half hours!

We started at the college entrance overlooking the parade ground and the Captain’s garden where a certain Elizabeth met a certain Philip (now the Lord High Admiral) for the first time in 1939.

The college arrived in Dartmouth from the Solent aboard two old wooden ships in the 1863, following two rejected mooring sites along the way. Life would have been quite tough for the youngsters, some only just into their teens. Shore based activities, parades and sports were on land at Sand Quay. This was made available by the Raleigh family (of Walter fame).

The College employs approximately 200 people and is the largest single employer in Dartmouth. Standing high on the hill overlooking the town and harbour, the college building was completed in 1905 on land compulsorily purchased from the Raleigh family for around £25,000. The whole site extends to well over 100 acres.

To this day college entrants bound for the UK Navy must pass Admiralty Board mental and physical tests. Even well into the 20th Century, fees would be paid by the entrants’ families.

The BRNC produces officers, not just for HM Naval forces but also, some Middle Eastern countries. France, and Germany (the only nationality who do NOT wear swords at the Lord High Admirals Divisions, the passing out parades).

Our tour continued into the Chapel with its magnificent roof beams, did you know that on 21st October (The anniversary of Trafalgar) at approximately 1615 in the afternoon a shaft of sunlight falls onto the right hand of the statue of Christ behind the altar, from a window high on the west wall of the Chapel.

The time being around the Death of Nelson and the realisation of Victory during the battle? This was discovered by accident and maybe a little puzzle left by the architect. There are many magnificent displays, pictures and paintings of naval history throughout the college, one example being HMS Hood, sunk in the Battle of Denmark Strait by the Bismark with enormous loss of life. More was to be found in the college museum, worth a visit on its own.

With thanks to Mike Pearce, we returned home, an afternoon well spent.

Report by Steve Arblaster


The RNLI in Salcombe and Kingsbridge is celebrating their 150th year, saving local lives at sea.

In September 1869, the first Salcombe Lifeboat, The Rescue, was launched at Dodbrooke Quay, Kingsbridge and rowed to her new home at South Sands.

Since then, the brave volunteers and their lifeboats have launched on service over 1,600 times, saved nearly 500 lives and brought a further 1,350 people to safety.

The culmination of the Salcombe 150th anniversary celebrations took place across the weekend of 20¬22 September with a Lifeboat Festival and the unveilng of two fantastic statues one in Kingsbridge and the other in Salcombe.

The RNLI will show the new celebration film at our club meeting on the 13th November.

Report by Norman Dilley


As part of Salcombe RNLI’s 150th anniversary celebrations, two commemorative sculptures by local sculptor Jim Martins, are to be unveiled in Salcombe Cross Gardens and Kingsbridge Quay on September 21st.

Why two statues? It represents the enduring link to saving life at sea associated with all on and around the estuary over the last 150 years, with a clear pointer to sustain that critical voluntary commitment into the future. On Saturday 21st September the first memorial will be unveiled at 9:30 am followed by a flotilla trip to Salcombe, including a review of Lifeboats – new and old – off Salcombe, before moving ashore for unveiling of the twin commemorative memorial in Salcombe at 11:45 am. The day will complete with a RNLI fundraising bazaar at Cliffe House from1 pm. The weekend rounds off on Sunday 22nd with a 10:00 am service of celebration at Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, followed by a parade, accompanied by the Britannia Royal Naval College Band, to the War Memorial.

The Cookworthy Museum at Kingsbridge and the Maritime Museum at Salcombe are both taking part in the project and are planning to insert Time Capsule boxes in the plinths of the sculptures..

The sealed boxes will be about the size of a small/thin suitcase, and local people are invited to help fill them by donating items of memorabilia that tell the story of their town and/or their families, both now and in the past. Family photographs, family trees and documents, particularly from those with connections to the lifeboat and rescue services, as well as local trades, will be very welcome.

Drop-in sessions, at which items can be donated, will take place in Salcombe Library on Thursday, August 22nd between 1:15 pm and 5:30 pm and at Kingsbridge Library on Saturday, August 24th between 9:30 am and 1:00 pm. (Please contact the museums if you can’t make these times – Cookworthy on 01548 853235 and Salcombe MM on 854108). Donor contact details and captions to photographs should be included and items should not be any larger than 5cm high or 35cm long. The boxes will be formally sealed at the Kingsbridge Show on September 7th.

Thanks to Jane Blumer member 366, for alerting me to post this article

Chernobyl - Ice Cream Cruise

Thursday 11th July was the day chosen for this annual event when the tides were suitable to provide an excursion for 10 young people aged 8 and 9 years from the area of Kamarin close to Chernobyl, to visit Salcombe by boat.

What could not be planned was the wonderful weather to accompany the visit which made this years’ event one of the most successful on record.

Six club members provided boats to take the young people and their host families from the Crabshell Inn to the Normandy Pontoon in Salcombe having first enjoyed a trip around the estuary and out to sea. At Salcombe the party enjoyed a look at the town before enjoying a packed lunch finished by a selection of ice creams from the Salcombe Dairy.

The group then embarked for the return trip to the Crabshell where they were treated to a party on the balcony with refreshments and as much pizza as they could eat!

A wonderful day and one of the many highlights the children enjoy during their month long stay.

Special thanks must go to the club members who provide the transport, the Salcombe Dairy for a limitless supply of Ice Cream, the Crabshell for hosting such a wonderful party providing the pizzas and the Harbour Office for making space available on the pontoon in Salcombe. A huge thank you to all of them and we look forward to next year!

Report and pics by Peter Rendell

Pontoon Party and Quiz night - July 3rd

Six boats headed out from Newbridge and the Kingsbridge basin for a a trip to Salcombe Pontoon on another spectacular summer evening.

Richard and Adrianne, were spotted on the outward trip in 'Tide Runner' and Paul and Mary arrived in their boat with the Linhey crew, including Richard & Lis and Astrid and myself. Closely followed by Peter and Margaret Ralph. Peter our Chairman was already moored up and waiting to greet us all.

That irritating wind had died down and the sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky. Evenings like this have not been abundant this summer, so it was great to get out on the water and enjoy the evening altogether.

As we all lined up on the pontoon, Linda Lee, handed out her question sheets for those participating in her highly acclaimed quiz, which was based on landmarks around Salcombe.

Some of the others decided to make the the most of the evening eating and gorging and socialising. There seemed to be no shortage of food and drinks and indeed there was some very lavish pic-nics being devoured and shared around. About 30 members or so attended the evening and it was great to see a couple of our newest members,

Peter and Sam, who joined this month enjoying the party too.

Peter Rendell the Chairman has expressed his grateful thanks to the Salcombe Harbour Office for allowing us to use the pontoon for our evening recreation.

Report and pics by Norman Dilley

Rivermaid Trip June 19th

When I awoke in the morning and looked out of the window, I have to admit the weather did not look very promising for a boat trip in the evening. The forecast promised something better and maybe it was going to be a nice evening after all.

As we assembled at the embankment steps awaiting the arrival of the Rivermaid, the sun started to beam down on us all, Linda brought countless bottles of wine, beer and soft drinks and Mike arrived with some delicious looking golden pasties. We were in for a very special treat.

With just over 80 passengers, we filtered aboard and settled in with our partners and friends for a truly beautiful and relaxing evening.

After the captains safety briefing we were on our way visiting just about every corner of this beautiful estuary, first down to Frogmore, then South Pool, Batson and finally up to the bar, before returning back to the basin. During the trip we even had a drivepast by the Harbour Master .

The sun provided us with a golden light, which brought out the beauty of this spectacular and very special place. The banner picture on this page is the view of Salcombe that night from the boat.

During the trip, we talked and laughed with old friends we hadn’t seen in while, there was even some Spanish being spoken and we all gorged on Mike Astill’s delicious pasties pausing only for a drink.

The raffle was drawn and Peter Morrison was announced the winner of the 1st prize, great to see Peter again after his illness.

The weather was spectacular and after all the rain of the past few days, everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves in the evening sun immensely, judging by the smiles as we all left for home at 10 ‘o’ clock.

Huge thanks go to Linda and Penny for organising the event, to those loading and unloading the boat and of course to Mike Astill for those delicious pasties.

I am now looking forward to next year’s trip.

Report and pics by Norman Dilley

Bowcombe pic-nic - Wed 5th June

On a bright, sunny early evening 16 Club Members gathered at Bowcombe for a picnic/barbecue last Wednesday 5th June. Several ventured to the venue by boat but most arrived by car. Our enthusiasm waned a little as the sun moved away and a chill breeze from the sea set in but stoic to the last we enjoyed the convivial company and good food and wine to say nothing of the entertaining chat!

Other than wishing that we had taken more layers to keep warm I think it is fair to say that the evening was enjoyed by all and at least it didn't rain!

Report by Linda Lee

Rivermaid Trip - Tickets Still Available till JUNE 14

There are a limited number of tickets avilable for the Rivermaid boat trip on Wed June 19th 18:30 - 19:00. These last few tickets are available to Members for their friends. Tickets are £13.50 each, which includes a Pasty and a soft drink, glass of beer or wine.

Details of how to get the tickets are on the last two KEBC Newsletters, which were sent to members.

All tickets are pre-order only and you will need to show your tickets to board the boat on the night. BOARDING IS NOW AT THE PROMENADE STEPS - NOT THE BOATYARD

Club Night 15/05/2019 Tim Lynn Local Fishing Past and Present
contributed by KEBC member Robert Cattell

We had a very informative talk from Tim Lynn on the old fishing traditions of the Beesands and Former Village of South Hallsands.

Tim Lynn is a direct descendant of one of the Fishing Families who lost their homes to the Sea in 1917 and he is the last remaining Commercial Fisherman to launch his fishing boat from North Hallsands beach. He specialises in catching prime Bass and Lobsters.

Tim explained in detail the historic environment in which his ancestors had made their precarious living from harvesting the riches of the sea in Start Bay.
He pointed out that the coastline between Start Point and Prawle Point with outcrops of sharp unforgiving rocks, offshore reefs and very strong tidal races makes this one of the most dangerous stretches of coastline in the South West.

The fishermen would launch and retrieve very heavy clinker built 16 ft to 20 ft boats, often in rough conditions, direct from the beach using great skills of seamanship. The whole village Women and Children would all come down to the beach to drag the heavy boats up the shingle beaches to prevent damage from the breaking waves.

Tim told us how the increase in technology with Decca radar and VHF radios has now provided a much safer environment to work in and now it is possible with lighter boats to launch and retrieve single-handed.

Tim described in detail the habits and feeding patterns of the lobsters and how they `march` around the coastline trying to keep away from each other. They actually climb into the pots to get away from other Lobsters. As an expert in Sea bass fishing Tim also assured us that there are still plenty of Bass in the sea but are only around these waters when they have a food source such as Sand Eels or `Lant` as the locals call them. Although Tim is now the only active registered fishing  boat at  Hallsands he has members of his Family all descendants of the old village that fish  on a large commercial scale from the Shetlands and from the Channel Islands with as many as 10,000 pots with the bulk of their catch going to France, Spain and China. 

Tim was inundated with questions after he concluded what was a very interesting evening, well attended by many members of the club.

Thanks to Robert Cattell for this contribution

Snippets from the DVD "The Guardians of the Reef", was also shown, which contains 14 stories is available from


I have received this message from our member Jm Pratt

The car park warden/enforcer was booking cars parked on the slipway this morning.  I think they belonged to folks who were working on their boats parked on the slip.
I seem to remember reading somewhere that the slip is under the duristriction of SHDC and not subject to carparking rules. If this is not the case perhaps we should all be wary!

Jim Pratt

(Note: the KEBC Chairman will ascertain the exact position from SHA)


Following a call from Kingsbridge Police, I have been asked to place the following messages here to alert members for their help in identifying stolen marine equipment.

Log 0921 – 16/04/19 relates to suspicious circumstances with males seen to be rolling up an inflatable boat at Newbridge Quay. On Police arrival a ‘Honwave’ inflatable dinghy was located rolled up by a bench. This has been seized and taken to the Police station. At this time we have no idea who the dinghy belongs to. The incidents were around 21:30 April 16th.

The owner of this boat has been passed to the Police and they will make contact.
However if you saw or know anything about this incident please pass the information to PCSO Ash Hawkes

Log 0929 – 16/04/19 relates to theft of an outboard from the pontoon next to the ‘Boat House Flat’ this is the pontoon where the Rivermaid usually docks. The caller reported seeing a Black Mercedes pull up, with the driver getting out and removing a small outboard and placing it in the boot of the vehicle. We do not know who the outboard belongs to.

PCSO 30149 Ash Hawkes
Police Community Support Officer
Kingsbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team
Kingsbridge Police Station
Mobile : 07525 617843 Internal Ext: 305551 Non Emergency Tel: 101

This would be a good moment to nip down to your boat and check your equipment

Please ensure that your boat cabin and lockers are secured and most of all that your outboards are fitted with locks to prevent the opportunist criminal stealing valuable equipment.

Check your neighbour's boat too and just look for signs of tampering and break in.


On Wednesday 17th April between 1000 - 1500hrs there will be a Marine Awareness Day at Whitestrand Car Park, Salcombe.

Kingsbridge Police will be there offering crime prevention advice and handing out some DNA property marking kits for marine equipment. We will also be selling covers for outboard engines which are used as a deterrant for thieves.

Also there will be Coastguard, RNLI, Fisheries Dept, Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue service, HM Border Force. Ali from Sea and Shore will be doing free lifejacket safety checks and Kingsbridge Estuary Rotary Club will be offering CPR lessons and demonstrations.
It's guaranteed to be a fun and informative day.


A club member has reported that during the early hours of Sunday 14th April at Newbridge that 2 boats have sadly had their engines stolen.

We suggest every club member with a boat, double checks the security of their boat, outboards and fittings.

The Salcombe Harbour Authority and the Police have been informed.

Boatwatch are on special red alert, but if anybody has noticed any susspicious activity, please notify the Police.

Astro to Atlantic have rowed the Atlantic

The four Kingsbridge ladies have finally completed the Talisker Whisky Challenge and rowed the Atlantic.

What a fantastic achievement this is considering they had to learn to handle, row a boat and navigate, without any previous experience.

Their extensive training paid off as they came in 12th out of the 27 boats competing, taking 45 days 15 hours and 14 minutes from La Gomera to Antigua.

We look forward to hearing about this trip of a lifetime from the ladies at our March Club night

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019


This is the notice that the 13th Annual General Meeting of the Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th February 2019 at the Seven Stars, Kingsbridge.




1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of last AGM

3. Chairman’s Report

4. Treasurer’s Report

5. Acceptance of audited accounts

6. Disposal of Charitable Funds raised in 2018

7. Appointment of auditor for 2019

8. Nominations for the 2019 committee

If you wish to join the committee or nominate someone, please contact the Secretary, John Elliott no later than the 30th January 2019. Each nominee must be proposed and seconded by club members at the AGM. If necessary, nominations can be taken at the AGM. (email

9. Acceptance of nominations
After voting is complete, the AGM will continue with the newly elected Chairman.

10. Any Other Business
Issues and general points received by the committee for discussion..

Members should advise the Secretary, in writing, by 30th January 2019 of any business they wish to be included.

After the meeting there will be a presentation by a representative of the Harbour Office

(Please note: Only paid up Members for the current year (2019), are eligible for nominations and participation at the AGM)

(The 2 month renewals period is now closed)

If you have missed the renewal period and want to re-join the club, you will need to go to the Join Us page and fill in the online form again as your details will have been removed.


EVEN if you have PAID already and NOT updated the Membership Form you will not be registered as having renewed your membership and you will now need to fill in the ONLINE FORM in the JOIN US PAGE as your details will have been removed

If you don't do this you will not have accepted our Privacy Policy and we will not contact you again, because the GDPR2016 law says so.

Astro to Atlantic - The Kingsbridge ladies are on their way
Today is the day (12/12/2018)

After nearly 2 years of preparation we are now finally at race day, we are so excited to get going!

We have loved our time in La Gomera & this whole journey is already an experience we’ll never forget.

We cannot thank everyone enough who has supported us to help us take on this challenge, our sponsors, friends, families & support crew - we are giving the biggest thank you hugs to you all right now - you have made 4 Devon girls very happy & we hope we can make you proud!


The girls chosen charity

Thank you once again for everyone’s kind messages , we wish you all a Happy Christmas!  We’re off to row an ocean!!

KEBC Boatwatch Teams to the Rescue

These recent wild and windy nights have played havoc with some of our moorings and boats (why does it always happen at night !).

However club members, including some of the Boatwatch team were luckily on hand to save the day and secure boats that had made a bid for freedom, breaking free from their moorings. Conditions on both nights were atrocious (at Newbridge and Kingsbridge pontoon) and so we must thank them for their efforts. The club also had a personal thank you note from the Harbour Master. Nice to know that we are appreciated. It is also a timely reminder to check all your mooring lines and fenders and even add an extra one for safety.

Turning to Club business, members should have now received the new online membership renewal request and as we hope you will remember we have brought forward the renewal date to January 1st 2019. The process couldn't be easier just four clicks and its complete! So please don't delay, get it done today.

It just remains to wish all members a Happy Christmas and a great boating 2019.

Richard Smith - Bosun

Christmas Dinner 2018 is now booking

We recently sent out a mailshot to all members about the KEBC members Christmas dinner for this year. However it seems that not many of you have opened the email so we are posting the information here for you to see in case you have missed the email.

Our KEBC Club Members Christmas Dinner is at The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove on Wednesday 12 December at 7.00 for 7.30
(7.45pm sitting down).

It is planned to lay on a Coach from the Quay leaving at 6.45pm at a cost of £5.50 per person return.

The Cottage Hotel have offered Bed and Breakfast Accommodation at £37.00 per person.

The Menu is for Three Courses including Coffee/Tea
Three courses  -  Starter, -  Main & Dessert      £24.00 per person 
(The cost includes a small tip for service.)

Wine can be ordered on the night.                   
House Red, White or Rose      £17.90 per bottle.   

Raffle tickets will be on sale on the night, so any donations would be gratefully received by Linda Lee or any Committee member. 

A report from Nick Hanbury member No 108

The editor of Small Boats Monthly (an offshoot of WoodenBoat magazine) contacted me last winter and requested a profile article about Andrew Wolstenholme's Swallow design.

I built the prototype clinker ply Swallow in 2003 after callaborating with Andrew on a new dayboat for estuary use in South Devon. This traditional looking design is essentially a bigger version 14.5 foot of his successful Coot and Mallard dinghies - bigger enough to leave on an open mooring throughout the season.   

This is my 14th year sailing from Bowcombe Bridge on surely - one of the best stretches of water in Britain!

Members may be interested to read the Small Boats Monthly article and see some lovely photos of the estuary around Bowcombe Bridge.

The photos were taken by Mike Wynn-Powell of the Kingsbridge & District Camera Club. Mike is a specialist in photographing boats and his work is seen every year at the Dartmouth Regatta.

Nick is offering his Moulds for sale in Members ads

November edition of the magazine link here: SMALL BOATS MONTHLY

The Estuary gets a Seal of Approval

Richard Smith, our bosun, managed to capture a lovely photo of a seal resting aboard a floating landing stage in Salcombe harbour a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for the Photo Richard, maybe there are more interesting phostos from club members if so please send them to

Club Night 17th October 2018

There was not a spare seat in the house when nearly 50 members attended the Seven Stars for a very interesting talk by Salcombe RNLI Station Manager Mark Dowie.

He told of the behind the scenes workings of the station with many fascinating facts and figures with the odd amusing anecdote thrown in. He also talked about next years 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Salcombe Life Boat service and some of the plans to celebrate the event, which will include a 'yellow wellie' ball on the beach.

Sam Viles, permanent crew member and mechanic also spoke life on board during a shout and some of the more technical aspects of the boats.

A lively question and answer session followed and then the raffle which raised £70 and was immediately presented to Mark to boost station funds.

A visit from the RNLI is always a popular event and we thank Mark and Sam for a great evening.

Club members reach for the dizzy heights

Club members Susanne and Steve Akam - Smith have just set out on the trip of a life time.
They have just flown out to Kathmandu and from there will be walking the 200Km up to Everest Base Camp (and back). Not only is that a huge distance but the trail also climbs to an altitude of 5544metres. Susanne said "we must be ever so slightly mad!!"

Although this is a personal trip they thought that they would try to raise some money for a charity very close to their hearts. Cruse Bereavement Care.

Steve has been a councillor for the Torbay based charity for 8 years and is passionate about the work they do and the task of keeping it running. The challenge is great, not only combatting the rough terrain but also the thinning atmosphere as they climb ever higher. We wish them good luck and success in their challenge.

You can read their story here -


Indoor Club Night 19th September 2018

For our first indoor event of the Autumn we were treated to a excellent talk by Joe Farrow from the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth.

Having graduated with a first class degree in Ocean Sciences only the day before, this was his first engagement.

His subject was the Kingsbridge Estuary and its underwater wild life which he has studied in detail and with great passion.

We learned about the many issues which affect the area including the importance of the eel /sea grass beds to the estuary eco system and also how we as a boat club can help to preserve and protect it, by not only being careful when operating our boats and where we anchor but also by passing on the word to other boat users we may meet.

We will be putting more information on the website very soon.

Joe proved to be an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker and all enjoyed the evening greatly.

Our thanks to Joe and also to the Community College for providing the venue at such short notice.

Club Night 14th August 2018

Our River Maid cruise held on the 14th August was once more a great success.

Eighty plus members came aboard to enjoy the skills of Skipper Peter Moule in creeping up Frogmore and South Pool creeks as far as the tide would allow and then out towards the Bar. A lot of wild life was on show including a huge flock of Oyster Catchers resting on an old pontoon, their orange beaks providing a feast of colour and a wonderful sight when they took off in unison.

Our thanks must go to Michael Astill and Friary Bakery for providing the delicious Pasties, Linda for providing the refreshments and running the bar and lastly to Penny, Piers and Peter who kept things running so smoothly.

Club Night Wednesday 18th July - Report

On Wednesday 18th July we held our BBQ at the Cookworthy Museum Garden.
About 35 members turned out on what was a perfect summer evening.

Members Alan, Theresa, Piers, Penny and Judy created some excellent food with Linda in charge of the refreshments

.A good time was had by all and our thanks go to the team for all their hard work in organising the event and also to Holly and the Cookworthy Museum team. 

Bowcombe Gathering  28th June 2018

A perfect summers evening greeted the 25 or so members who came along to the informal gathering on the quay at Bowcombe.

Some came by boat, some by canoe and even by paddle board! All enjoyed a great time with plenty of burnt sausages and refreshments of all kinds.

We shared the Quay Side with a group of local youngsters who were also having a great time in and out of the water and it was great to see that they had a thorough tidy up session before they left, well done to them.

Club Night Wednesday 20th June - Report

Our first outdoor evening event of 2018 took place in Kingsbridge Recreation Ground on Wednesday 20th June.

For the first time we invited members to come together for a Picnic followed by a game of Boules. Sixteen members braved the near perfect conditions and many enjoyed a few games, sustained by plenty of food and refreshment.

A great evening was had by all and one which we are sure to repeat in the future. The Club would like to thank Marika at Café Decks for her support. 

Club Night Wednesday 20th June at The Decks Cafe in the Park 18:00 - 21:00

We have arranged a fresh idea for club night on Wednesday 20th June, which is easily accessible for everyone and families are especially welcome for some fun and entertainment.

This is an informal get together, which will start at 18:00 and finish when the cafe closes at 21:00 and you will be able to try your hand at Boules.

You have a choice for refreshments, which includes a:-

  • Bring your own picnic,
  • Pre-order a meal from the Park Cafe for £10.00.

(For those interested in the pre ordered meal please contact Peter by email for further details and the proposed menu.

(If you want to bring your own alcohol please could you do so discreetly please!)

Club Night Wednesday 16th May at Seven Stars 19:30.

KEBC welcomes Dr Richard Porter the Curator of the College's Museum to talk to us about the 'History of Britannia Royal Naval College' told through the stories of the many craft which supported the naval training through the ages.

This talk is an ideal introduction to the temporary exhibition currently being staged at the Cookworthy Museum.

In 2005 Britannia Royal Naval College celebrated 100 years of officer training and education at the shore-based establishment in Dartmouth and so this talk offers truly remarkable insight into our Navy.

Please note, the change in venue, we will be meeting at the Seven Stars in Kingsbridge as the rugby club is unavailable.

Photograph: -Norman Dilley © 2019

New RNLI Salcombe Lifeboat comes to Kingsbridge - May 1st

The new Atlantic 85 lifeboat at RNLI Salcombe was officially named today as the Hilda Gladys Mustoe, she replaces the Atlantic 75, Joan Bate, which has been on station in Salcombe since 2003.

The new lifeboat has several advantages over its predecessor with room for up to four crew members and considerably more rescue equipment than the Atlantic 75. The Atlantic 85 is powered by two 115hp engines, has a stronger hull and an increased top speed of 35 knots. Radar allows the crew to operate more effectively in poor visibility, she has VHF direction-finding equipment to assist in locating casualty vessels, and there is a much improved and upgraded suite of communication and electronic navigation aids, as well as a searchlight, night-vision equipment and flares for night-time operations.

She arrived at 6pm prompt at the Crabshell in Kingsbridge to a public event where we were officailly introduced to the 4 volunteer crew and the new boat, by the new Mayor of Kingsbridge. The weather was kind enough to allow us to enjoy the evening.

Photograph: -Norman Dilley © 2019


We are sending ALL members an email TODAY 27/04/2018. This requires URGENT ATTENTION from all members, so that we can stay in contact with you. PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS.

Club Night 18th April 2018

Club members turned out in record numbers to hear a lively and fascinating talk by the Astro to Atlantic Women's Rowing Team, who are preparing to take on the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. The 3000 mile event, from the Canaries to Antigua, begins in December 2018 so the girls are working flat out to be ready for the start.

They have now taken delivery of their boat so training has begun in earnest. They freely admitted that they have little previous experience in this type of event to fall back on and so the learning curve in terms of navigation, boat systems, seamanship and survival techniques will be very steep indeed.

The conditions they will face will be extreme at times and so their mental toughness will be just as important as physical fitness.

The team are all local and play in the Kingsbridge and Salcombe Cougars Hockey Team as well as competing in many fitness and endurance based events.

Team trainer Alison Jones from Sea'N'Shore also came along and gave the audience a timely reminder on the safe use and operation of the different types of life jacket available and the importance of regular safety checks.

The £70 proceeds of the evening raffle were donated in the name of the late John Gobbett to the team's chosen charity, Devon Air Ambulance.

Many thanks to the Astro to Atlantic Team for providing a very entertaining evening and KEBC wishes them every success in the challenges ahead.
Have A look at their website at

Article by Richard Smith

New Atlantic 85 Lifeboat - Gladys Hilda Mustoe

On Tuesday 1st May there will be a naming ceremony for the new Salcombe Lifeboat, 'Gladys Hilda Mustoe'.    

The first part will take place in Salcombe at 10:30 where she will be officially launched and the champagne bottle smashed.

Later, at 18:00hrs the lifeboat will arrive at the Crabshell Inn Kingsbridge, where a second more informal ceremony will take place, to celebrate the historical connection with Kingsbridge when the boat would have been brought in by horse and cart and then launched off the Quay.
All are welcome to celebrate this event.

KEBC donate to Kingsbridge in Bloom

Kingsbridge Estuary boat Club take great pleasure in handing a cheque for £250 to Kingsbridge in Bloom as a donation towards the tools, provision and upkeep of all the flower beds and hanging baskets around the town and especially lining the estuary and embankment.

The organisation is always looking for volunteers, to help keep our town looking so wonderful during the Summer and in particular assistance with watering is always needed.

Could you, or someone you know, spend an hour or two a week walking round parts of town, using our electrically driven bowsers, watering some of our many displays? We provide full training and a hi-vis jacket and if you are around during our weekly working parties on Wednesdays, coffee and cake are usually on offer as well! Tempted?

Peter Rendell and Piers Rogers are already ‘Waterers’ and would be happy to provide information and reassure people just how much fun it can be!      
Just dash off an email to and offer to help now or visit the their website here

Astro to Atlantic - Plan to row the atlantic

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a race like no other. It is an endurance race across one of the world's most dangerous oceans; The Atlantic.

The race features 3000 miles from San Sebastian, Canary Islands to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour, Antigua .

Come and meet The Girls on April 18th at the Rugby Club.
The raffle money will be collected for their chosen charity, the Devon Air Ambulance.


Salcombe Harbour Authority have issued this notice to all users of the Newbridge Boat Park

We would like to ask all dinghy rack/parking space holders at Newbridge to ensure that the access gate is kept locked at all times. After you have used the gate please make sure that you ‘scramble’ the code on the lock. This is not always being done and has resulted in unauthorised people/vehicles using the area. There is NO permitted parking for vehicles in this area.

If you have any queries, please contact this office at or by phone on 01548 843791.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Salcombe Harbour Office
01548 843791

Sad Farewell to John Gobbett

We are saddened to report the death of long time member John Gobbett. John was a stalwart of the club. He had a permanent section in Members Adverts offering assistance with any mechanical problems and he and his wife Margaret rarely missed a club evening. He presented several club night tutorials on engines and maintenance even including working models; he was a mine of practical engineering know-how.

He was particularly proud of his many years service as an engineer in the Royal Navy and shared numerous fascinating stories of that time. He was always a larger than life character and could be relied upon to offer an amusing anecdote or insight. He will be sadly missed and the Club extends its condolences to Margaret and family at this sad time.


Notice of Special General Meeting and AGM (rescheduled)

We have now rescheduled the meetings which had to be abandoned at short notice, due to the snow blizzard which swept into Kingsbridge on Feb 28th 2018.

Both meetings, (The Special Meeting and the AGM), will now take place on
MARCH 21st commencing at 7:30pm
The AGM will follow the Special Meeting.
Please note these meetings are to be held at
as the Crabshell is unavailable

Your attendance would be much appreciated by the membership and the committee

Note: The details and wording of the Special Meeting was sent out to you all in NEWSLETTER 56 on Feb 05 2018 and can be found here below. Posted 03/03/2018


Notice of Special General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the Club will be held at the Crabshell Inn, Kingsbridge, on February 28th 2018 at 19.30 for the purposes of transacting the following business.

1) To appoint a chairman of the meeting

2) To ascertain a quorum in accordance with rules 7 and 11 of the Club constitution

3) To consider and if thought fit to pass the following resolutions-

(a) That paragraph 2.6 of the Club constitution be and is hereby amended by the deletions and additions shown in italics-“ To work with the local community and other organisations to enhance and support the wellbeing and prosperity of the area”

(b) That paragraph 2.7 of the Club constitution be and is hereby amended by the addition of the words shown in italics-“To encourage promote and support safety on the water good seamanship and pilotage and adherence to the Harbour byelaws as defined by the Salcombe Harbour Act of 1954”

(c) That paragraph 3.4 of the Club constitution be and is hereby amended by the deletion of the word “April” and the substitution of the word “January

(d) That paragraph 6.2.1 of the Club constitution be and is hereby amended by the addition of the words in italics-“The control of the affairs of the Club on behalf of the Members and to manage the affairs of the club according to the Rules and shall cause the funds of the Club to be applied solely to the objects of the club or for such philanthropic or charitable purposes as the committee shall determine

[Explanatory notes.

(a)Under paragraph 11 of the constitution these resolutions require a two-thirds majority vote in favour of those present at the meeting and voting.

(b) Please note that family membership only confers the right to a single vote on any resolution

(c) Resolution (c ) is proposed consequent to the proposal to align the subscription year with the financial year of the Club (see website News item “Membership Renewal”)

(d) Proposals (a), (b), and (d) are put forward to clarify the ability of the Club to support, by financial donation, organisations such as the local lifeboats, and to enable the committee to apply surplus club funds generally for charitable purposes if thought fit to do so. They also widen slightly the class of organisations capable of benefiting, to include those that may operate in the educative field in boating.]

VHF Short Range Certificate Course

Andy Thomson will be teaching a VHF Short Range Certificate Course on the afternoon of Thursday March 1st starting at 14:00 and morning of Friday March 2nd starting at 09:00.

The exam will be the afternoon of March 2nd starting at 14:00.
Teaching will be at my house in Stokenham if numbers don't exceed four people.
Currently two KEBC members are booked on it so there are two vacancies.
If numbers go over four I will move the course to a village hall in the area.

The course duration and timing are designed to suit people who want a little more than the absolute minimum. It is a well proven format and particularly suits more mature students who find a single day course followed that evening by the exam to be too intensive. By splitting it attendees get two benefits.

  1. First is much more time to think about the course material and the overnight break in the teaching facilitates this.
  2. Second is a huge benefit to most people because it allows them to have much more time to practice using radios and getting to understand the correct procedures.

Cost to club members is £80 plus £10.50 for the RYA course pack and £60 payable to the RYA for the exam and issuing the certificate.

Andy Thomson
01548 581288      07710 234646

KEBC Donates to the Little Princess Trust & St Lukes Hospice

The cheque for the sum of £650 was half the total of £1300 raised at the Crabshell Quay Regatta last summer.

The other half was given to the Little Princess Trust which provides real hair wigs for little girls who have lost their hair through illness.

Club Meeting Report 17th January 2018

17th January. Club Secretary Penny Masters presented a video BBC documentary that was made whilst she was on board the Jubilee Sailing Trust tall ship, Lord Nelson for a voyage from Aberdeen to Falmouth in April 2017.

The film followed the exploits of a BBC Scotland presenter who is visually impaired and it gave us a great understanding of the issues facing people with a disability undertaking this kind of adventure.

Penny answered many questions from the floor and it was obviously to the whole audience that she had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although she did say that given another opportunity to sail with the Trust, that she might choose a voyage in a warmer climate.

The Raffle raised £46 which Penny will present to the Jubilee Sailing Trust in due course.

KEBC donate to the Devon Air Ambulance

We are pleased to announce that the £175.00 raffle money from the Christmas Dinner, which was collected for Devon Air Ambulance, has now been handed to the 4 all lady crew of the Astro to Atlantic Challenge to add to their same chosen charity fund.

The Astro to Atlantic team, are Helen Symons, Chloe Harvey, Louise Read and Gemma Harvey, four hockey players from Kingsbridge and Salcombe Hockey Club who are set to swap their sticks for oars to take on a huge Atlantic rowing challenge - the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in December 2018.

They will be rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic from La Gomera to Antigua and will be attempting to break the World Record in the process and raise funds for Devon Air Ambulance. they intend to row around the clock, rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off, facing sleep deprivation, 60 foot waves, salt sores, exhaustion and sea sickness in the hope of breaking the all female fours crew world record which currently stands at 40 days and 8 hours.

The four ladies now have to raise in excess of £100,000.00 to purchase our boat, safety equipment, kit, race entry and complete our rigorous training. They are seeking sponsorship and support from local businesses to help achieve something extraordinary and raise a lot of money for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust along the way.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club for their kind donation towards our charity. Kind regards, Chloe Astro to Atlantic.

You can follow the progress of these brave ladies on Facebook (Astro to Atlantic) and on their website

KEBC Club Night 17th January 2018 at 7.30pm.

For our first club night of 2018 we welcome our very own Penny Masters who will be telling the fascinating story of her voyage on the tall ship Lord Nelson with the Jubilee Sailing Trust last summer.

Please note that the meeting will be held at Kingsbridge Rugby Club, High House Lane, TQ71JL as the Crabshell Inn is unavailable to us this month.

NOTICE OF:- KEBC Annual General Meeting


This is the notice that the 12th Annual General Meeting of Kingsbridge Estuary Boat Club will take place at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 28th February 2018 at The Crabshell Inn, Kingsbridge.



Apologies for absence

Minutes of the last AGM

Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Acceptance of Audited accounts

Disposal of charitable funds raised in 2017

Appointment of Auditor for 2018
From this point the Meeting will be chaired by Sir Jonathan Tod

Nominations for 2018 Committee:

If you wish to join the committee or nominate someone, please contact Linda Lee no later than 14th February 2018.  Each nominee must be proposed and seconded by club members at the AGM. If necessary, Nominations can be taken at the AGM.

After voting is complete, the AGM will continue with the newly elected Chairman. Any Other Business.               
Issues and general points received by the Committee for discussion           
(members should advise the Secretary, in writing, by 14th February 2018  of any business they wish to be included).

After the meeting there will be a presentation by a Harbour representative

Christmas Dinner at the Crabshell - Wednesday 13th December

Seventy members gathered at the Crabshell last Wednesday evening for the annual KEBC Christmas dinner.

This year we all able to fit into the newly refurbished upstairs resturant and it was a very enjoyable evening with good food and good company.

A big thank you to Linda and Penny for organising the festivities and all the Crabshell staff for working so hard to making it a successful evening.

The raffle held during the evening raised a massive £175 which we are going to donate to the Devon Air Ambulance, the chosen charity for the 4 Kingsbridge ladies who are going to row the Talisker Atlantic Challenge from the Canary Islands to Antigua in 2018.

The committee would like to thank all who supported the event and would like to wish all a Happy Christmas and great boating new year.